Who and what is dirt hippie all about?

Dirt hippie is my opportunity to share all of my passions and hobbies with YOU.

So lets start with the basics, get right down to the nitty gritty!

Who is dirt hippie?

  • Miriah in short.
  • Some know me as Miriah Kilmer (my mothers maiden name) then there is Miriah Schermerhorn (my biological fathers last name) but most know me as Miriah March (removed step dads last name, but I just call him dad)
  • So that is my name but not who I am…. hmmm who am I? How do you simplify the complexity of a whole being in a simple bullet? I’ll do my best here but I think over time a few blog posts, some pictures and videos down the road you’ll get the very best description that way.
  • I’m a 26 year old farm/ranch kid from a small town called Deer Park in the great state of Washington. (Trees and fields not the space needle… that is about 5 hours west from where I am)
  • In my youth I was an avid Livestock showman. You name the animal and i guarantee if it could be found on the ranch I’ve shown it. I’m talking llamas, goats, sheep, pigs, cows (dairy and beef) chickens, rabbits, horses. You get the gist and we don’t have all day here.
  • FFA and 4-H were the name of my game. Livestock shows, jackpots and fairs was my “free time”. With 2 hours or more of chores every morning and evening, going somewhere else to do your chores and getting to spend some time in between with friends definitely counts as free time!
  • I love my pets.
    • 1 Horse with the barn name “Chevy”
    • 2 dogs “Jax” the sweetest pitbull weighing in at a little over 100lbs. “Tink” the ancient old lady border collie mix.
    • 1 Sphynx cat “Anubis”….. DO NOT name your cat after the egyptian god of death and underworld if you want him to turn out to be some sweet, calm, lazy cat. He in fact is a wild, smart maniac who thinks he is the ruler of my household.
    • 10 chickens. Only 6 have names so far. Hei hei, Kylo hen, Wanda, Thelma, Louise, Marigold and 4 undetermined month old babes.
    • 1 goat Delphinium who has been spoiled her whole life as she was the last born to my late very best girl Daisy May Doo. (if you look through my website pictures you’ll see the newest addition to that blood line. I have not decided if i will be retaining her doe kid this year or not yet)
  • I own a 2004 yellow jeep wrangler with more money tied into her than ill ever admit haha All of my fellow jeepers will understand that!
  • Somehow I scored the lottery and landed a significant other of 7 years who happens to be more Jeep obsessed than myself, he is patient, loving and supportive. Most importantly he lets me live freely and sticks around in spite of my wild ways and spontaneous decisions.
  • I started a small business based around my vinyl side hobby. It has grown from vinyl decals to wood working, clothing, cups, jewelry, signs, wood burning and who knows what next! I often joke i have the craft room of a retired 80 year old. You need it I can almost safely bet that yellow jeep of mine that its in my craft room.
  • I’m a long time manager of a Valvoline Instant Oil Change. That has been my baby the last few years. Trust me when I say baby. I’m talking all the things, hand holding, lost sleep, time sucking, stress invoking, proud crying, pulling your hair out moments.

So what is dirt hippie?

The life I lead seems pretty mundane from my point of view. But then again I think most probably feel that way about their life? The least we can do with it is share our experiences, connect in any way possible and find joy in EVERYTHING!

If you’ve made it this far I can’t thank you enough for your time and sticking out my first EVER blog post. Cheers until next time! Feel free to share a little about yourself, or even ask me any questions! In the future i anticipate more specific blog posts relating to multiple sub categories of everything i have listed thus far.

Enjoy your day and remember to appreciate all those little seemingly normal things in our day to day we take for granted!

XXX Miriah


4 thoughts on “Who and what is dirt hippie all about?

    1. Thank you for your support and more importantly for inspiring me and encouraging me! Without your encouragement and your movement on your own projects I never would have done it!


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